Dina Mackney Cuff Love: Superhero Edit


Cuff Love: The Superhero Edit

A recent pick for our Gem Du Jour series, which spotlights a favorite Dina Mackney piece each week, called to mind female superheroes. This pick was our Gold Geo Cuff; I coined it a “wear everywhere hero piece” in honor of the record setting female led movie Wonder Woman. The elements of this bracelet spotlight my design philosophy well: a classic cuff style in traditional 18K gold vermeil is updated with a bold geometric shape. It’s stylish versatility and wearability make it the perfect grab and go piece to handle any situation, just as Wonder Woman’s strength, fearlessness, and compassion make her the best hero to protect the world.

In continuing with this theme, I thought it would be fun to pair three female superheroes with the Dina Mackney cuff styles they bring to mind. 


Storm: The Sterling Silver Cutout Cuff 

As a mainstay in the Marvel X-Men series, Storm has the incredible abilities to fly and change the weather. She’s also known for her signature blonde hair, a look that commands attention in any setting and is well represented in our Sterling Silver Cut Out Cuff. Shiny hand hammered sterling silver is brought to life via a cut out motif and scalloped edges. You may not be able to control the friendly skies, but take a cue from Storm and add an “icy” touch to your everyday look!

Jean Grey: The Ruby and Sapphire Triplet Mini Cuff

Regarded by many as one of the most complex female heroes thanks to her telepathic powers, I believe Jean Grey would appreciate the subtle nuances of our Ruby and Sapphire Triplet Cuff. A sapphire triplet (crafted from layers of sapphire, quartz, and moonstone) is bezel set in 18K gold vermeil and flanked by six ruby accents. It’s simple ridged frame and easy slip on style make it a special design you’ll reach for time and time again.

Supergirl: The Ruby Cuff

The female cousin of Superman has quite the following of her own! Supergirl is praised for her portrayal of being extremely powerful while not shying away from her femininity; no easy feat in a world that often makes women choose between the two. Our Ruby Cuff explores a similar duality: a rich, faceted ruby stone is bezel set in 18K gold vermeil and centered on a curved cuff band with vertical etchings. It can certainly handle a minimalist ensemble, but doesn’t look out of place against a more intricate look. 

As I’ve mentioned many times before, the pieces in my line are made especially with women in mind: those with busy schedules, multi faceted lives, and an appreciation for the role that jewelry can play in helping them create different looks. As a mother and entrepreneur, I understand the importance of having a few key, standout pieces in your wardrobe that can pull double duty (for those moments when day turns to night and there’s no time to change in between!) We may not have “special powers” but with the hectic lives we lead, I find women to be real life superheroes.

Check out our website for more bracelets that allow you to embrace your inner superhero and share with me how you wear them using the #mydina hashtag. This one’s for all of you who react with grace under pressure, find confidence in your strength, and a possess a style all your own!