Dina Mackney Designs Fine Jewelry Launch

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Introducing the Dina Mackney Designs Fall 2014 fine jewelry collection!

When I launched my original Dina Mackney Designs line several years ago, it was crafted with sterling silver and 18K gold. The 18K gold vermeil line  that emerged, was born out of necessity when the price of gold skyrocketed, but the explosion of popularity the line produced caused me to focus on sterling and vermeil designs. Now, I have travelled back to my roots and am thrilled to be re-launching my fine jewelry line with pieces crafted in 18K and 22K gold.

Inspired by the vivid hues of India and the soothing, ethereal shades of the Italian Riviera, this inaugural fine jewelry collection evokes a sense of regal beauty and casual glamour. The Fall 2014 collection features necklaces and rings made from 18-22K gold and the finest quality gemstones. Although each is unique in its own way, all of the pieces are very Dina Mackney. The 18K gold in the fine jewelry line is more of a shiny, polished look than the matte and rugged look of the vermiel line.  The new collection also includes rare and coveted gemstones such as black diamonds, pink sapphires, rare Australian yellow prehnite, pink tourmalines, tsavorite garnets and sleeping beauty turquoise.

The fine jewelry line will exclusively launch through a series of  Neiman Marcus  personal appearances and trunk shows, the first of which being on September 13 at Neiman Marcus Tyson’s Galleria.  Washingtonian Magazine has included the launch in their Guide to September’s Most Fashionable Events…we are so thrilled!  The fine jewelry collection will also be available via the newly re-launched Dina Mackney Online Shop, which will allow you to acquire your favorite Dina Mackney pieces directly for the first time in our company’s history!

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I hope to see you soon, and ,as you acquire new Dina Mackney Designs from any line, please send us a photo via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and show us how you wear your Dina…tag us #mydina or #dinamackneydesigns