Dina Mackney Designs Jewelry Partner Spotlight: Mystique Jewelers



At the Dina Mackney Designs Studio, we are extremely grateful for our designer jewelry retail partners…they are true “gems.” It is because of their support and eye for style, that my signature pendants, cuff bracelets, rings, and other handmade designs are available for purchase nationwide.  In our newest feature on the blog, we want to honor these fabulous merchants by giving you all an in depth look at their stores and inspirations. 

Our first guest is Elizabeth Mandros, owner and designer of Mystique Jewelers. Her store is located in the heart of Old Town, Alexandria and is the premier destination for custom jewelry designs and designer jewelry. We love that she promotes jewelry styles that are old world, classic, and rich, yet still perfect for everyday wear….as she says, “Sophisticated and chic…it’s Mystique!” Get to know her a little more through our Q&A below:

Dina: What is your favorite gemstone?

Elizabeth: Moonstone, because I love the clear white enchanting color.

D: If you were stranded on a desert island, your one piece of jewelry would be…?

E: Tanzanite. It has a fantastic blue purple color and is only found in one area of the world. It is not like most stones.

D: What is your favorite Dina Mackney Designs piece?

E: Blue green tourmalines with spinel beads and bezel set unusual stones.

D: What is trending in your store?

E: Oxidation on sterling and gold mixed with diamond bezel set, charms to hang on hoops to create different looks from a staple, and everyday classic wear.

D: As a jewelry business owner, what do you most love about working with jewelry all day?

E: I love finding and creating pieces that you can layer with heirloom pieces, pieces that you enjoy and can wear everyday to set your own personal stye.

We truly appreciate you speaking with us Elizabeth! Visit her store at 211 The Strand Waterfront, Old Town Alexandria, VA 22314 (703-836-1401).