Dina Mackney: Gem Inspired Interiors

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 Serenity, peace, tranquility: these words are either a self-help mantra (we all need one every now and then!) or nouns used to describe the perfect island escape. In the Dina Mackney studio, we believe they form the foundation of an excellent vacation and what gemstone screams getaway louder than turquoise?! Combined with my signature 18K gold vermeil, turquoise has a captivating effect that can instantly transport you to your favorite relaxing scene, even if it’s only in your mind. As long-time readers know, I believe your personal style should shine through in every area of your life. As much as I love to travel, I find that I crave my home more often than not. The new Dina Mackney turquoise pieces recently added to our online boutique have given me plenty of inspiration to redecorate some of the rooms in my house into my own personal oasis. Read on to see how my latest designs coordinate with some great home interiors currently on the market.


Aerin Delphine Geo Vase and the Faceted Turquoise Post Earrings

These stunning drop earrings easily draw the eye upward, emphasizing your beautiful eyes and great smile. This turquoise vase from Bergdorf Goodman works to similar effect; add your favorite flowers and you’ve created the perfect display to highlight a new coffee table or add a little something extra to old furniture. I also love how the curved angles mirror the facets on these post earrings!


Kelly Wearstler Utopia Ceiling Light and the Artisan Turquoise Pendant 

I absolutely adore the curved detail of this flush mount ceiling lamp; it instantly reminds me of the Artisan Turquoise Pendant, which has a similar edge. While the light itself is not turquoise, I think it would provide a healthy balance to a room with turquoise painted walls. In the same vein, I would wear my artisan pendant on one of my 18K gold vermeil link chains to really let the unique turquoise stone shine. 


Tuffed Turquoise Leather Chair and the Square Turquoise Pendant

Bring a piece of  unexpected luxury into your own home with this beautiful Tuffed Turquoise Leather Chair, exclusively at Neiman Marcus. Sure to be the spotlight of any office or living room.  Apply that same approach to your jewelry routine by wearing the turquoise square enhancer on a Dina Mackney gold chain; a statement piece that is sure to turn more than a few heads!

dina-mackney-web-turquoise-post-earrings (1)dina-mackney-web-green-italian-glass-pendant

Kim Seybert Poseiden Placemat and the Italian Glass Intaglio Pendant

I have a strong affinity for Italian glass. It captures each shade on the color wheel vibrantly, making it a must-have material in all of my collections. The color and detail in this new intaglio enhancer are a reminder that the small ideas of a piece are just as important as the overall theme. That’s why I’m drawn to this lovely beaded placemat; the glass and stone beads create a depth and sparkle to light up any dining room.


Jonathan Adler Delphine Mirrored Bar and the Turquoise Flower Pendant 

The 18K gold vermeil floral design of this pendant allow the square turquoise stone to take center stage. Actually, the golden flower highlights the preciousness of the stone, presenting the entire pendant as a delicate piece of jewelry meant to be treasured. This gorgeous cocktail bar holds a similar quality; the turquoise color pops in the center within the confines of the metallic gold edging, creating the perfect living room or bedroom accent. 

So whether you’ve already started renovating or needed some inspiration for a last-minute haul, create a fashionable life that speaks to your personal style in every way. I’d love to see how your personal style impacts other areas of your life so be sure to use the #mydina tag on all your social media images. Here’s to making your home a place you’ll never want to leave!