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Dina Mackney Gem Inspired Interiors

If one word could be used to describe Dina Mackney jewelry, it might very well be BOLD; colorful would be a very close second!  I love designing necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cuffs and rings  with gems that make a statement.  Jewelry that inspires confidence and speaks to each woman’s unique personality.

I often find that every customer’s unique personality is expressed in similar motifs across all their looks – fashion, accessories, and home.  And when it comes to home décor, I think jewelry is a wonderful source of inspiration.  So for our latest Gem Inspired Interiors post, I have selected our Kyanite and Mexican fire opal flower pendant, which I feel is the perfect starting point for a bold and colorful interior.  Whether you are faced with a blank slate and empty room or simply searching for a way to inject a pop of color to an existing space, the saturated blue, fiery orange and rich 18k gold vermeil featured in this pendant will definitely spice things up!

After some online shopping, I created a little vignette inspired by this statement pendant.  I invite you to view some of my selections and hopefully share yours!  Enjoy!

Love, Dina

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Chinese Garden Stool in Poppy – Wisteria
Gilded Ring Table – Horchow
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