How to Pack and Care for your Dina Mackney Jewelry


Summer Travels: How to Pack and Care for Jewelry 

Summer is in full swing and the Dina Mackney team is looking forward to some very special trips! If you’re like us, you’ve already made plans for family getaways, out of town business engagements, and weekends away with the girls. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds packing to be the most daunting part of traveling, especially when precious and semi precious jewelry is involved. For this week’s blog post, I decided to share my tips on the best ways to travel with your jewelry to keep them in mint condition!

1. Lay It Flat 

Our beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are made by hand in our studio with great care. The best way to keep them like new is to lay them out flat and wrap them in a protective material (I like bubble wrap in a pinch!)

2. Wipe It Down

Jewelry can dull over time from body oil and regular wear. It’s best to wipe down your 18K gold vermeil pieces with a soft cloth. For sterling silver jewelry, dip the pieces in an anti-tarnish solution, rinse under water, and wipe dry with a soft cloth. 

3. Save The Box

I’ve had numerous clients at our trunk shows tell me that whenever they purchase a new piece, they make sure to keep the Dina Mackney pouch and box for traveling purposes. Not only is this a great idea, but it’s exactly what I had in mind when I decided on packaging! I wanted something that was reusable for keeping jewelry safe at home and on the go. The next time you’re packing your suitcase, be sure to put your jewelry in its original box, lay the pouch on top of the jewelry, and place the box in between your clothes for an added layer of protection. 

4. The Best Is Meant for Last 

As mentioned before, natural body oil can cause jewelry to dull over time. This is also true of lotions, fragrances, essential oils, and hair care products. To extend the life of your jewelry, make these special pieces the very last thing you put on before you leave the house and the first thing you take off when you get back home (and as mentioned above, store it in its original box!)

5. Wear It 

When it comes to packing stubborn pieces of jewelry, I’ve found that the best thing to do is to wear it while traveling. It may seem a bit out of place to wear a Multi strand necklace or fabulous drop earrings with your airport sweatpants, but trust me, it’s better to look a bit over the top with your jewelry in tact than it is to try to force it into your already stuffed bag and find it crushed upon arrival (I speak from experience!)

Do you have any tips for traveling with precious jewelry? If so, I’d love to hear them! Comment below or share with me via social media using the #mydina or #dinamackney tags on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Here’s to a fun summer of traveling with our jewelry safe and secure! 

Love, Dina