Dina Mackney: Trend Alert – Magnetic Bracelets.


The Trend: Magnetic Bracelets

When designing, I view the versatility of a piece as a top priority. I’ve mentioned this part of my process many times before, especially in reference to the signature opening bail on my enhancer pendants. This style allows you to easily transition between 18K gold vermeil chain links and semi-precious beaded necklace styles with ease. I originally designed this option for myself so that I could spruce up a sparse wardrobe with as few pieces as possible. Last season, I took the idea of versatility a bit further by thinking about the practicality of a piece. I know we have all been in a situation where we can’t clasp a bracelet in place by ourselves. If you’re like me, this has led to plenty of rushed “Sorry I’m late!” apologies and more than a few outfit disappoints (sometimes the piece just has to be abandoned altogether). I decided to address this issue head on by introducing magnetic bracelets into my line! The use of a magnetic closure guarantees you can get dressed without the assistance of a significant other, doting children, or awesome best friend. They also make layering a breeze, as many of the magnetic bracelets are multi strands! We’ve added new items to our e-boutique just in time for all your upcoming holiday engagements and soirees. I’ve highlighted some of my favorite bracelets below that have just launched on the website:


Pyrite Magnetic Bracelet
Pyrite is an incredible stone that I love working with! It’s natural metallic sheen is such a delight for this upcoming season. It’s tone is also interesting: it isn’t quite gold, but seems to have a greenish undertone. Consider wearing it with your neutral hued outfits. A thin cream colored turtleneck, pair of dark wash jeans, and suede over-the-knee boots would make for a perfect combination with this bracelet! For evening, consider pairing it with jewel tones. 

Mystic Spinel Multi Strand Magnetic Bracelet
This style is a gorgeous take on the multi strand look. Eight rows of enchanting mystic spinel beads shimmer to stunning effect! Up the “wow” factor by wearing it with a sleek black frock and your most special heels for a look that will make you the star of the room!

White Coral and Garnet Magnetic Bracelet
White coral beads and a pave garnet accent create a delightful mix that will shake things up this season! The color combination is classic and would look best with a traditional white collar blouse. Roll up the sleeves to reveal this special piece! 

Gold Vermeil Wrap Link Magnetic Bracelet
It was only right to apply the magnetic feature to chain links as it is a jewelry wardrobe essential and a Dina Mackney signature. Layer it with your favorite watch or other precious jewelry for a unique look that speaks to your personal style. 

Apatite Multi Strand Magnetic Bracelet
As I mentioned above, one of the things I love most about the magnetic bracelets are how easy it is to achieve a layered look. It’s as simple as clasping on one single bracelet! Six strands of stunning apatite beads in varying sizes will surely amplify any ensemble.

Let me know your thoughts on these magnetic bracelets by tagging all your pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using  #DMD16 and #mydina  to share with me how you style these designs for different occasions! Here’s to easy holiday dressing (no help required!)


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