Dina’s Top 5 Jewelry Essentials for Fall

As a kick off to New York Fashion Week, I recently had the exciting opportunity to sit down with the wonderful Nicole Steinthal, creator of the blog NSLifestyles! Her Westchester, NY based site is filled with recommendations on all things fabulous: where to eat, what to read, designers to watch, and dreamy real estate to invest in! In addition to her blog, Nicole runs a weekly radio show called Up to the Minute with Nicole and I was honored to be a guest to talk about the Dina Mackney brand!

One of my favorite parts of the interview was listing my top five jewelry pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Longtime followers will recognize my love of versatility; as an entrepreneur and mother of two, no two days in my life are ever the same and I make sure to keep that in mind when I get dressed each morning. As I mentioned in the interview, I also fully believe that when you look great, you feel great and our jewelry does just that! Here’s my list of top five essentials for any jewelry wardrobe and my thoughts on each: 

                         dina-mackney-web-gold-cutout-cuff-1dina-mackney-web-mixed-metal-18in-chaindina-mackney-web-moonstone-shanti-neiman-marcusLoktak Ringdina-mackney-web-silver-fortelza-pyrite-ring

1. Cuff “Cuffs are so easy to put on. I like to layer large and small ones to mix up the look.”

2. Long Chain Necklace “Our 36″ chains are great because you can wear them a million different ways. Wear them long, short by doubling up, turn into a lariat, or wear them as a belt!”

3. Long Semiprecious Necklace “These tend to be some of our most popular items and have a softer silhouette than the chain. They look great with a tunic or flowy top.” 

4. Everyday Ring “This should be an investment piece that will last for years to come.”

5. Showstopper Ring “Every woman absolutely needs a bold statement ring in their arsenal; it highlights your personal style.”

To hear more of my musings on all things jewelry, listen to Nicole’s radio show here. Be sure to tune in each week, as she always has exciting guests across many creative fields including publishing and interior design! 

If you’re in need of some new pieces to round out your jewelry box, click the title of each piece for purchasing information! Share with me how you wear the jewelry essentials I mentioned by tagging all of your social media images with #mydina. Here’s to a curated wardrobe that’s never short on style!