Final Farewell with the Allman Brothers


Dina at the Beacon

As most of you know, Warren Haynes is my brother – in -law and one of my favorite people on the earth!!  This past Tuesday, October 28, was the final Allman Brothers show, hosted at the legendary Beacon Theater in New York.   It was a VERY emotional night – the end of an era. The amazing 3 set show lasted until 1:30 in the morning, and for me personally, ended at 5 am after a gathering after the show for friends and family in the Allman Brothers circle. For the Allman Brothers its been 45 years of making exceptional music, and for Warren,  the past 25 years. It was quite a night and hope you enjoy this little peek backstage.

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Here I am pictured above with Warren from the tour kick-0ff, also at the Beacon, earlier this year…… and on the above right, with one of my close friends, Kate Stevens, at the show this week.  Below is my beloved nephew Hudson…he is so rock and roll with his leather jacket!

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Warren will continue to stay busy with his other solo projects and with Government Mule.  Go see him when you can!!  CLICK HERE  to see his upcoming shows!

Love, Dina