Happy Birthday Aquamarine Baby!


As the month of March shows the first signs of Spring, we look forward to celebrating a fabulous gemstone: Aquamarine! The official birthstone of March, aquamarine is a stone with many facets (both literally and figuratively!) In today’s post, I will outline a brief history of this incredible blue stone and highlight a few of my favorite aquamarine pieces for this season!

As you may have already guessed, Aquamarine’s name is derived from the sea and is often associated with providing peace, calm, and tranquility. Increasing its connection to the sea is the fact that sailors were often given aquamarine to encourage a safe and prosperous voyage. Ranging in color from sea green to deep blue, the largest concentration of the stone is found in Brazil. It is typically given to couples on their 19th wedding anniversary as a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness. 

In Sumerian, Egyptian, and Hebrew cultures, aquamarine was often worn by warriors as a sign of courage and to bring victory. Its healing properties were also commonly noted throughout history. Aquamarine was often used to alleviate pain in the jaw, stomach, liver, and throat. To round out its many uses, it has also been used by soothsayers to answer questions about the future and worn by royalty as an antidote to poisoning. 


While your loved ones may not need to wear aquamarine to combat poisoning, adding a stunning piece of aquamarine jewelry to their wardrobes will certainly make them feel regal! From our website, try the Aquamarine Teardrop Enhancer, the Aquamarine Pendant with Artisanal Edge or the Aquamarine Doublet and Garnet Ring. Both would make great picks to spice up their current jewelry essentials. For a little pop of color, you might enjoy our signature Pinwheel Earrings in Aquamarine or if you desire something a bit more dramatic in scale, try the Beaded Aquamarine Necklace with Marquis Pendant,  both are now available in store and online at Neiman Marcus!

I wish a very happy birthday to all of you March babies! Show me how you celebrate in your Dina Mackney by taging all your images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  with the #mydina or #dinamackney tags.   Here’s to a beautiful month dedicated to the natural beauty of Aquamarine! 

Love, Dina