Happy Birthday Citrine Baby


In honor of all the fabulous people celebrating birthdays this month, I am giving you yet another look into the glorious world of gems. November is a special month for stones because there are two varieties that symbolize it; they are both true crowd pleasers! They are certainly some of my favorites to work with and I know your loved ones will be very pleased to receive a gift that includes these natural beauties. That being said, this month’s stone spotlights are Citrine and Topaz. 

Given it’s warm glow, Citrine is considered to be a gift from the sun. It is the yellow form of quartz and has been a beloved gem since ancient times. The highest concentration of citrine is in Brazil; the gem can also be found in Spain and Madagascar. Powers that were believed to be derived from citrine include the ability to calm tempers, soothe anger, and manifest certain desires (like wealth and prosperity). The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were certainly influenced by its properties and often included citrine into their ceremonial attire. 

Topaz can be found in a variety of colors. In the past, the yellow variety was often confused with other golden stones (like citrine). Today it is most often used in its blue and white forms. The Ural Mountains in Russia were a prime place for mining topaz during the 19th century. Brazil also contains a high concentration of the stone. Similar to citrine, topaz is believed to get rid of anger and also bring wisdom and longevity in life to its wearer. In 1969, light blue topaz became an official gemstone of Texas (as a native Texan, it’s no wonder I’m so smitten!).

                                        dina-mackney-gold-white-topaz-pendantRecco Necklacedina-mackney-citrine-crystal-braceletdina-mackney-citrine-drop-earringsdina-mackney-citrinependant-necklace

That being said, I think it’s a wonderful idea to gift your loved one with a special piece that represents the month of their birth. My suggestions include:

1) The Gold and White Topaz Enhancer. Available in select Neiman Marcus stores, this best-selling item is crafted from 18K gold vermeil and forms a lotus shape. The center of the pendant holds a stunning piece of white topaz that gives just enough sparkle to your everyday looks. Try it on a long or short chain link necklace; I’m sure you’ll find it as versatile as I do!

2) The Recco Necklace This stunner features a brilliant Brazilian citrine and hangs from a fine black cord. As a piece of precious fine jewelry, the Recco would be wonderful for gala season; paired with an of the moment off the shoulder gown or white dress with plunging neckline, this piece is sure to bring a major “wow” factor!

3) Citrine and Quartz Toggle Bracelet. Citrine’s vibrant hue is contrasted with the transparency of natural quartz in this adjustable bracelet. It is a favorite design of mine as I tried to really allow the stones speak for themselves. Bezel set in 18K gold vermeil and featuring a toggle closure, this incredible piece would serve a 3/4” length sleeve blouse well. 

4) Citrine Drop Earrings. For a small dose of citrine that certainly doesn’t lack boldness, I would reach for these beauties. This style is similar to our best-selling  Rock Crystal Drop Earrings (Oprah is a fan!) Wear them to spice up a jumpsuit or a simple blouse and pants! 

5) Citrine Beaded Necklace with Citrine Enhancer. For a double dose of your birthday stone, try this citrine necklace and enhancer combo. Pieces of citrine beads are hand strung together to create a necklace that serves as the foundation for a removable citrine pendant that is bezel set in 18K gold vermeil. I would certainly take this piece for any holiday travel you may be doing, as it essentially offers two separate looks! 

I hope all of you November babies are having an incredible birthday month! For those of you not celebrating a special day, be sure to treat yourselves with a citrine or topaz piece anyway (you work hard and your wardrobe will certainly thank you!). Visit the Dina Mackney e-boutique to purchase the items mentioned along with additional options. Share your special citrine and topaz moments with me by taging all of your social media with the #mydina hashtag. Here’s to a wonderful November filled with celebration!