Dina Mackney Trend Watch: Italian Glass Intaglios


In college, I had the wonderful opportunity to study abroad in Italy. It was an incredible time for me, as it merged my life long interest in natural gemstones with a love of jewelry making. While in Florence I was introduced to the most beautiful Italian glass and intaglio jewelry; this impeccable quality of carved stones can still be seen in my work today! The process of engraving creates a textured surface that pairs perfectly with the rich gold of my signature hinged bails and bezel settings. In recognition of the new Italian glass intaglio pendants recently added to the Dina Mackney e-boutique, I’ve outlined a brief history of intaglio below. 

Intaglio is a form of carving gemstones that involves cutting directly into the stone. Stone engraving was a popular practice in the ancient world, its existence being found in early Minoan and Mesopotamian societies. Ancient Greek culture also seemed to be heavily influenced by the use of engravings. What first began as a means of sealing contracts, decrees, and letters quickly turned into a coveted collectible item that the Greeks treasured dearly. Some even believe that these collectibles were turned into pendants, thus starting the trend of intaglio jewelry. 

                          dina-mackney-web-italian-glass-with-trillion-accentsdina-mackney-web-blue-italian-glass-with-blue-topaz-accentsdina-mackney-web-orange-italian-glass-with-gold-accents      dina-mackney-web-mini-blue-italian-glass-blue-topazdina-mackney-web-italian-glass-pendant-sapphire-strand

I love all of the new intaglio designs on the website but a few of my personal favorites include our Italian Glass Pendant with Trillion Accents and the Mini Blue Intaglio Pendant with Blue Topaz Accents. Both of these enhancers showcase the variety of beautifully carved Italian glass with accents of natural semiprecious gemstones. When worn with a Dina Mackney chain or semiprecious necklace, you can create a personalized jewelry look reminiscent of an ancient greek goddess!

Share with me how you wear your intaglio jewelry by tagging all of your social media images with the #dinamackney tag. Here’s to embracing the inner goddess in us all!